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The 7 DMV


The 7 is a daily briefing from The Washington Post featuring a rundown of the 7

most important and interesting stories delivered straight to your inbox every weekday morning. Recently, The Washington Post expanded The 7 with a new local newsletter aimed at D.C., Maryland, and Virginia residents. I designed assets across site and print to support the launch of this franchise.

The 7 DMV homepage banner in situ

The campaign design leverages the existing brand language of The 7, consisting of a primary blue, black, and white color scheme with bold, block type. To tailor the design for The 7 DMV, I introduced a yellow accent and photo-illustration as small updates to freshen up this design system. 

The animation style is intended to be quick and eye-catching, influenced by the brevity of the newsletter.

Full-page print ad promoting The 7 DMV

The language used throughout this campaign emphasizes local landmarks and references to the DMV region to connect with the target demographic.

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