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FiveTwo by Food52


Visual design and brand campaigns for Five Two, Food52's own line of products

thoughtfully designed with the input of their community at the forefront. 

Five Two Compost Bin Launch Campaign

Visual design across email and social to promote the launch of their new compost bin. 

Launch email design


Social design


Five Two Postcards

Print design for in-home postcards that reached an acquisition audience of 75,000 prospects.

2022_f52_marketing_january_five two_winter postcards_v37.jpg
2022_f52_marketing_january_five two_winter postcards_v39.jpg
2022_f52_marketing_january_five two_winter postcards_v3.jpg

We tested three creative versions to see which product to lean into as a hero in addition to driving brand awareness and bringing in new customers.

The front of the postcards calls out the special details of each product, while the back features the Five Two brand tagline and customer testimonials relevant to each product. 

The campaign resulted in a visible lift to Five Two site traffic during the send period and 2.3 incremental return on ad spend.

2022_f52_marketing_january_five two_winter postcards_v312.jpg
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